Anne Laycock



I’ve just graduated from the Three Dimensional Design course at Manchester School of Art.

I am very happy to have been selected to participate in this wonderful event.

It is through play, experimentation and by asking ‘What if” that I build knowledge and whilst developing this insight of a materials quality and testing the limitations of the process I record all that I discover. It is this information that dictates my direction; my projects are born from a process and the outcome of what I am making is a celebration of the intrinsic nature of clay presented in a contemporary context.

For ‘Ceramic Scribbles’ I playfully use the extruder as my pencil, drawing with the falling clay to create vessels and wearable sculptures, each piece unique and with their own rhythm.

The scale and sound of the stoneware, ceramic links reminded me of the slave trade and provoke thoughts that we are imprisoned by the desire to look fashionable. With just an accent of colour and with a simple twist in the form of the link, the chain is feminised and transformed into a desirable wearable. It is weight now reminding us and bringing attention to our freedom.

Each scribble brooch is unique with a hand crafted universal silver fitting, perhaps suggesting we all share some qualities but are unique individuals. The porcelains strong but inherent fragility encourages the wearer to look after it and treasure their belongings and value the less valuable material.

As a three dimensional drawing the scribble vessel is less concerned with functionality and more considered as a sculptural form. The eye can’t resist following the bold line of colour and the hand can’t hold back from toughing and tapping to discover the from which material the vessel is made. A playful statement piece for the contemporary interior.



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